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Welcome to EVA Tai Chi.




Our world changes and we change.


This art transports us to a clear steady space to re-form ourselves.  


To change our bodies and our minds

And to choose our change.  


Our time is precious and passing.  And often seems beyond us.  But we can change our expereince.    Through our breathing body and centered mind we can feel a lighter air.  


So in Tai Chi, we turn our fullest mind to these moments; we enter into them and expand them to feel them more fully and closely.  


To change.  


Expanding them, we find room to change.  Tai Chi offers a physical doorway to a spiritual opportunity through which we can emerge as something new.   


How we feel about ourselves, how we turn our minds and move our bodies, changes our experience of life.


to carry us where we want to go.  


We will learn to breath deeply and move calmly; to feel sure-footed, light-hearted, and clear-headed; to make room for balance and comfort. 


Being coming who we feel we are, we can be.

being that and growing it.

Come as you are, beginners welcome


Let's get started together and go further. 


-Dan Baum

Founder of Eva Tai Chi

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