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Click me and tell your visitors what's in your gallery.

Private & Semi-Private Sessions


Private lessons are for 1-2 people and allow the teacher to dedicate a large amount of focused time to the student and to fully customize the work to that person's unique needs and interests.  This, in turn, can lead to deep and rapid learning.  Private lessons are also excellent for students desiring individual attention and pacing.  They are the most personal and attentive class setting.  They can start at any time and proceed at a pace and focus on exercises that are entirely tailored to you. 


Semi-Privates are for between 3-5 people.  They are a wonderful balance between personal attention and economic value.  Semi-Privates classes have set start and end dates and all participants progress together.


Both privates and semi-privates can occur at a variety of locations, including your home or office, a studio space or even outdoors, at your preference.

Please Contact Us for pricing and scheduling information.



Organizational Offerings 


EVA also offers tai chi to various organizations as a way to bring mindfulness, stress-reduction, physical fitness, and community building to your workplace. 


EVA treats every engagement as unique and will work with you to create a customized program that suits your particular needs.  Our tai chi exercises can be practiced in a wide range of spaces, big or small, whether provided by you or supplied by EVA.


We hope to hear from you and would be happy to arrange a free introductory demonstration.  Please Contact Us for more details.

Retreats & Intensives


EVA offers various types of retreats and intensives through the year.  Subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates about these special events.


Group Classes


EVA's ongoing open level Group Classes are a great way to sample what Tai Chi has to offer.  You can drop in on any class.  Beginners are always welcome and no previous experience is necessary.  Wear comfortable clothes, and come as you are.  See our Schedule for for information.


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