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Retreats & Intensives


EVA offers various types of retreats and intensives through the year.  Sign up for your mailing list to receive updates about these special events.


Tai chi is often and well described as a moving meditation--a merger of exercise with awareness.  In inhabiting its natural and beautiful movements, we ease conflict and stress by developing balance and ease, moment by moment.


It helps us to feel better by helping unite us with our ideals.


Eastern Village Arts Tai Chi Is dedicated to teaching and promoting the art and exercise of tai chi and other internal martial arts.  Its goal is to actively grow awareness, compassion, and peace and to assist individuals in finding ease, comfort and joy in the exercise of their bodies.


EVA's mission is based on the belief that the principles of tai chi and the internal arts can play an important role in benefiting society.  The practice of these  time-tested arts helps individuals focus on their bodies and minds to develop greater health.

Tai chi is a form of movement that helps its practitioners experience physical healing and mental well/being. Those who practice consistently come to experience greater calm, vigor, and openness.

The practitioner moves through a sequence of movements while constantly paying close attention to the articulation and coordination ofhis or her body. The instructor presents these motions and helps to adapt and tailor them to the needs and ability of the individual student. Continuous and correct movement through the postures exercises the body and engages the mind. In this way, tai chi becomes a moving meditation whereby the
practitioner experiences relaxation, while developing concentration and control.


Whatever your occupation, whatever your physical condition, this form of exercise can help improve your health and your state of mind. More importantly it will familiarize you with the point where these two intersect.

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